Vận chuyển mô hình An Toàn - Nhanh Chóng - Chi Phí Hợp Lý

Shipping to provinces and cities in Vietnam

We provide model relocation services in the provinces of Vietnam. Ensure the model is as safe as the status quo before relocation.

The stages for the relocation of the model will be carried out from the quotation to the complete reinstallation of the model at the relocation site.

Contact shipping

model shipping quotation process

Tiếp nhận thông tin

Receive information

Receive shipping information

Khảo sát hiện trạng sa bàn

Current status survey

Survey by image or directly

Báo giá và xác nhận hợp đồng vận chuyển

Quotation and contract confirmation

Confirm shipping time, cost and destination.

Vận chuyển và nghiệm thu mô hình

Shipping and acceptance

Carry out transportation and acceptance after relocation.

Please send your shipping information here, we will contact you to quote immediately.

All information need shipping, you can send directly to us for the most careful consultation. The more specific information, we will have enough information and quote the best price for you.