About us


Song Anh Architectural Model is a leading company specializing in designing and implementing reputable professional architectural model projects in Vietnam. Come to our company, you will feel really satisfied when served by a team of experienced Architects in the field of architectural model design consultancy, model design and tissue construction. professional architecture with works such as: Urban area, Residential area, Factory.

Professional construction design team

Song Anh architectural model with the dedication of the entire team of architects and professional engineers is extremely dynamic and creative. We not only design and implement your model, we also advise you on the most professional knowledge for your model project to become more attractive and attractive to the knowledge our expertise.

Creative design

Owning 100% of extremely dynamic and creative model design consultants. We are always proud to be a pioneer in the field of modeling with particularly impressive and new design styles.

Good price

Not only bring you beautiful and fast models, but we also help you save a considerable expense from model design consultants. Come to us, you will receive extremely attractive incentives when you use our services with very impressive model design quotes.

Complete the project ahead of schedule

We always try to complete the project in the fastest, most professional way and save “time” cost for you. With a team of professional architects and designers, we are committed to the progress of exceeding the set targets.

Steps to build a professional model

  • Understanding the needs, customer ideas and surveying ground to layout design and decorate models.
  • Draw 2D drawings and present engineering drawings
  • Budget estimation and cost estimation of model design and construction.
  • Draw 3D perspective, 3D section of the project and submit to the restaurant owner for approval.
  • Browse samples and sign a contract.
  • Design competition architectural models on request with detailed drawings.
  • Executing according to the design drawing of the investor and sticking to the design unit.