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Model of Phu My port

Song Anh Company is a pioneer in modeling. With the professionalism, prestige and quality, many investors have chosen to be the architectural model for their projects and the Phu My Central Port project is one of the typical projects.

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Phu My Central Port Urban Project
Phu My Central Port

Overview of Phu My Central Port project

Located in the most vibrant development center of the southern economic region, it is the heart of the city. A futuristic port with top regional amenities.
The new Phu My Central Port plays a role as an industrial, port and service center and an important hub of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province as well as the southern key economic region.

Urban landscape of Phu My Central Port
Phu My Central Port

According to the plan up to 2025, this is also one of the industrial cities and large-scale seaports in Southeast Asia. As well as the big and busy ports in the world, Phu My Central Port urban area will gather the leading businessmen at home and abroad to do business and live. With the desire to bring customers the most comfortable life, Phu My Central Port project owner is determined to form a “miniature port city”, with standards of modern living space, fully equipped. but still close to nature.


Address: 230/70/9 Nguyen Xien Street, Ward Trường Thạnh, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City

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Urban image of Phu My Central Port

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