Riverside townhouses model scale | TPS Land Nguyen Xien project

Mô hình nhà phố ven sông TPS Land Nguyễn Xiển

In District 9, in the Eastern city, a high-class riverside townhouse project has appeared. Beautiful river view, where living and working in the East of the city.

Information on TPS Land Residential District 9.

  • Name of project
Quarter 52 Nguyen Xien, District 9
No. 52 Nguyen Xien, Truong Thanh Ward, District 9 – Ho Chi Minh City
TPS Land.
8,634 m2. Number of 56 town houses.
  • Build:
21 ground floor 3 1st floor terrace.
  • Complete :
Handover finished outside, rough inside.
  • Expected completion :
Quarter 2/2021.
  • Juridical :
Pink book completed by notarized name.

River townhouse model – TPS Land:

Project information

The riverside townhouses table cleaning in District 9 is done within 30 days. The project has shown the whole project with the scale of 1/200. The entire project is connected and presented on a bench. Help customers visualize the benefits that the project brings.

Khu dân cư TPS Land Nguyễn Xiển
TPS Land residential area Nguyen Xien

Video Town houses model scale | TPS Nguyen Xien project , District 9

Update news about the project

TPS townhouses 52 Nguyen Xien | Cafeland newspaper

TPS 52 townhouse project Nguyen Xien with a small number, only 56 units but very high-class. The apartments focus on meticulousness in every detail. So the audience will be customers with good finance, strict in choosing and enjoying life style.

TPS 52 Nguyen Xien townhouse on cafeland newspaper
TPS 52 Nguyen Xien townhouse on cafeland newspaper

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