The information needed for an architectural model quote

Model size and proportions

Architectural model quotation is a job that requires a lot of information. The tablecloth is not an easy product to quote. Because of the unclear nature of the workload, many operations are complicated. Therefore, in order to quote a price, it is necessary to have in-depth experience.

Experience in model scale quotations.

Operating in this construction industry, we have over 10 years of experience. The ups and downs and aspects of the field seemed to us all. Quoting in an objective direction will kill both parties at the same time. You and I will both take risks.

Operating with Win – Win criteria, both sides are profitable. We are always trying to find common ground for a lasting connection. In fact, our big customers always come back when there are new projects. Typically, Trung Thuy Group, DANA Homeland, Him Lam Group, … have contacted us to implement the next project.

Without wandering around, I would like to go to the main topic of today’s article. The information needed to quote the architectural model.

I will arrange the content of the article as follows.

  • The necessary information files for the quotation.
  • Requests for a quote.
  • Expert advice.

Okay, let’s get started!

Necessary file information for the quotation

Architectural modeling is a form of building construction from 2D to 3D. Therefore, it is required to have accurate drawing file information of the project. The file shows the entire elevation and section dimensions of the project.

File showing project size

Specifically here is usually a CAD file (File AutoCAD). Inside,

  • The drawing file must have the plane size of the project to know the size of the project.
  • CAD file showing the facade, for high-rise buildings. To know what is the height of the building that the project represents?
File kích thước dự án để báo giá sa bàn kiến trúc
Project size file | Quotation for architectural desks

Technically for the sand table, those 2 files are enough for us to scale up the model. The model technician will analyze and come up with the expected dimensions and proportions for the model.

Besides, the model does not simply know the size but do. It is also the architecture, color and soul of the project. Expressed through color and perspective.

Therefore, the next file to help make it complete and beautiful is the perspective file.

Project perspective file.

Perspectives are files that help visualize the colors, exterior and interior architectural design of a project (If showing the interior). Perspective files here are usually 3D files, 3D videos, 2D design drawing files, Sketchup files, …

File phối cảnh dự án
Project perspective file to help quote model

The more detailed and accurate the file, the more complete the product will be. Honor all the design ideas that the project brings.

Requests for a model quote

After having the above file information, the next thing is about the wishes for the table. The model is usually very large in size, so the arrangement of the position of the sandstone will calculate the total size of the sandpaper. Avoid the case of the table being too big when placed in a too small showroom. And conversely, the tablecloth is too small to be placed in a vast hall. It will somewhat make your Show room not harmonious.

Kích thước và tỉ lệ của mô hình
Size and proportions of the sand table

The scale of the model is also important. Determining the model scale will help the project become clearer and more organized. For a high-rise model project, it is impossible to show in a too small scale. Usually 1/100 to 1/200 scale. At this level, it will help your project show the highlights of the building in detail.

So are you all ready? Send us a message for a quote now!

Modeling expertise.

With Win – Win criteria, both sides benefit. We will review the files and requests from the company. Then there will be professional feedback.

Regarding the desired size and proportion, is it suitable for the company’s project design or not. It is possible to show all the highlights when showing the model at that scale. This is very important.

The size of the tablecloth compared to the showroom, how is it appropriate.

And there are many other factors that determine the success of a table.

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