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When it comes to urban areas model, the urban area is a synchronous construction of infrastructure and social, landscape and technical. The distribution of population density, transport connections and utilities must be carefully calculated.

Are the factors to determine whether it is considered an urban area or not?

Population of 20,000 or more;
Number of employees less than 40% working in non-agricultural economic sectors;
Having a system of public service works and technical infrastructure at an appropriate level;
The population and construction density is much higher than the average population density and construction density of surrounding agricultural production areas.

Urban Area Compass – Things to do

For in the field of industry, to make the project of the investor right with the nature of an urban area. Project tables must also be set up correctly. The distribution of the blocks must be accurate with the approved design drawing. Otherwise, the planning model will affect the overall view of the project.

Image depicting urban areas
Image depicting urban areas

Some image of urban model reference

Summary of reference urban model projects. Projects in Vietnam. Besides, there are also images of overseas projects. From there, the images of the urban area overview for the urban area will be shown.

Image of reference urban area model 1
Photos model urban reference 1
Image of reference urban area model 2
Image model urban reference 2
Image of reference urban area model 3
Photos model urban reference 3

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