Factory Model – Get 3D rendering before construction.

cover image Mô hình nhà xưởng
Construction of the factory model. With over 10 years of experience. We’ll set up your workshop, as a 3D model, before going into construction.
The factories and factories in Vietnam are also quite diverse and many. Foreign companies and corporations are also investing in building factories in Vietnam, also increasing. So the need to build factories because of that, more and more jobs.

Construction of factory models for factories.

With the need to build and grow, every factory. The factory is always upgrading and expanding its scale. Construction work, is also quite complex from design stage to completion of the project. So having a factory bench set up before construction is essential.

Sa bàn nhà máy | Architectural Model Org
Factory model | Architectural Model Org

Factory model, will help company owners get an overview of the entire factory area. From the drawings of the plant area will be modeled to describe where the plant will be formed.

Workshop 3D construction for pre-construction visualization

It can be seen that a project with a large area will be difficult to imagine. By shrinking the whole thing into a mini table, it helps the viewer see what will be built in the future.

Dựng 3D nhà xưởng để hình dung tổng quan xây dựng trong tương lại
Build 3D buildings to visualize future construction overview

Some units contact us to work as saucers to display for exhibitions or certain celebrations. For example, on the occasion of 10 years of establishment of factories in Vietnam by foreign companies.

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