Slide - Mô hình dự án Diamond Palace Đà Nẵng
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Slide Model Scale Project in Australia - Sunshine Central
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Cover image - Thi công mô hình kiến trúc | Sa bàn kiến trúc

3D Model Making

Get construction architectural models, as a compass for real estate projects planned, apartments, factory models, apartments, furniture, …

Cover image - Sửa chữa mô hình | Sa bàn kiến trúc

Model Repair

Repair old tables, used tables. Refresh the architectural stage to exhibit the event …

Model Shipping in HCM

Model Shipping

Transportation of project desks, model relocation to ensure the original status quo for the model. Reasonable cost, quick time.

cover image - Cung cấp vật liệu mô hình kiến trúc - Architectural Model Org

Supply Model Material

Supply model materials, tools for architectural modeling. The materials used for decorating as models for students.



Cover image Mô hình quy hoạch Architectural Model Org

Planning Model

Model of architectural planning project, including model items such as residential area, model of tourist area, urban area, …

Cover image Mô hình cao tầng Architectural Model Org

High-Rise Model

Architectural high-rise models include many types such as apartment models, high-rise buildings, high-rise buildings, high-rise tables, …

Cover image Mô hình nhà máy Architectural Model Org

Factory Model

Song Anh Company specializes in making factory models in Vietnam. Large factories like Peb Steel, Lixil, BOSCH, domestic factories and industrial zones.

Cover image Mô hình nội thất Architectural Model Org

Furniture Model

Interior model is the item showing the beauty and details of the project. We’ll shrink your project down to the finest detail.