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According to preliminary statistics, there are currently about 3,000 apartment buildings nationwide in Vietnam. Focusing mainly in two big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

With such a number of apartments, the demand for condominium models also increases. And now buildings are also gradually expanding to the vicinity of the city.

Several high-rise apartment projects in Vietnam.

Up to this point, across the country, high-rise projects have sprung up like mushrooms. To solve settlement problems for many people. Accompanying it is the surrounding facilities to bring living space to the house. Let’s take a look at some prominent high-rise projects.

Each apartment project has its own unique architecture. Based on the topographical factors and project location, the architectural designers have blown their soul into the project. The 3D renderings depict the project space. However, it has not yet shown the strength, scale and investment of the project by the apartment building.

Construction of apartment models for high-rise projects

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